Origins: Peter Doyle - Left Horizons
Peter talks of his Trade Union organising past and how people power will always be more successful than bureaucracy
Origins: Joe Glenton - Anarcho-Squaddie
Joe tells us how his experiences in the military, going AWOL, and seeing the so called "War on Terror" from the inside developed his understanding of the problems with capitalism and how this led to his own socialist beliefs. 
Azzy Aslam talks about the value of using the strengths of capitalism to achieve socialist goals
Origins: Chardine Taylor Stone -
We talk socialism, music, arts and media!
Origins: Jon Trickett
Jon tells us about his own socialist journey and calls for a wealth tax.
Origins: Joe Guinan - Collaborative Democracy
Joe Guinan, Vice President of the Democracy Collaborative joins us to talk about socialism, democracy, the Preston Model, and the Forrest Gump of the left, Gar Alperovitz.
Origins: Sasha Josette
Socialism and its future 
Origins: Austin Harney
The dignity and equality of Socialism 
Origins: Lisa Collins - Solidarity with retail workers
Lisa talks about socialism and trade unionism in Usdaw. 
Origins: Grace Blakeley - Economics for the people
How can we make economies work for all people rather than those who already have most?