Origins: Lauren Conway - Socialism, learning and direct action
Lauren describes her unusual but distinctively working class journey to socialism and the importance of direct action. 
Origins: John Dunn
We discuss solidarity, Orgreave, the struggle and winning!
Origins: Thomas Barlow - Anarchy isn't chaos
We speak to Thomas Barlow about anarchy, branching out from our usual topics, and the media.
Origins: Charlie Hardwick - Joyous Socialism
Beloved actor (you wouldn't call a female doctor a doctress) talks about her own socialism and the importance of telling stories.
Origins: Scott Robson - pride in Socialism
We speak to Scott Robson about his involvement in Northern Pride, the important of solidarity with trans people and It's a Sin.
Origins: Ray Goodspeed - solidarity is everything
Ray discusses his own role in the movement, including his own role in Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners.
Origins: Kristin Linderoth - Is Sweden more socialist than the UK?
Kristin tells us of her views on socialism and compares the systems in the UK and Sweden.
Origins: Neil Gibb - The Participation Revolution
We speak to Neil about socialism on a real world context, in run down town and city centres, and the power of collaboration.
Origins: Vonni Hardman - LGBT+ Education
Vonni speaks movingly about her growing up as a lesbian while being demonised by Thatcher's government and section 28. She also tells us about tRead More
Origins: Paul O'Connell - Education is the most important class issue
Paul tells us about understanding socialism, how it needs to be bottom up, and how important eduction is. We also learn more about the Political Education Project.