Origins: Simon Kennedy - Is Trade Unionism Socialist?
We speak about Cuba, humanitarianism, trade unionism and socialism
Origins: Laura Smith - No Holding Back
Laura talks about listening to people through her No Holding Back virtual tour
Origins: Heather Wood Part 2
Heather speaks about the conclusion of the UK Miner's Strike of 1984 and Thatcher's legacy 
Origins: Heather Wood Part 1
Heather speaks of her early years and the start of the UK Miner's Strike of 1984 
Origins: Tina McKay - Collectivism over individualism
Socialism is about collectives, not individuals
Origins: David Rosenberg - Radical History
David talks about telling working class and radical stories
Origins: Matt Zarb-Cousin
Where is public opinion on socialism? Are socialist ideas more normal than people think?
Origins: Musa Askari - the soul
Spirituality and socialism
Origins: Dave Anderson
Former MP and Shadow Minister Dave Anderson discusses loyalty in the Labour movement.
Jamie Driscoll: Socialist ideas in a capitalist system
North of Tyne Metro Mayor, Jamie Driscoll, speaks about how to implement socialist ideas in a capitalist system.