Origins: Crispin Flintoff
Crispin has worked incredibly hard to support the UK Labour Party of the past few years with Stand Up For Labour. Now he is introducing Labour Grassroots. We also discuss who the funniest, and not so funny politicians are.
Origins: Charlotte Austin
Charlotte talks to us about the importance of work in socialism.
Origins: Aneesa Akbar
Aneesa talks about socialism and its links with anti-racism.
Origins: Peter North
Peter talks to us about socialism, trade unionism and Engage for Change, a free music festival which combines the two.
Origins: Joe Solo
Musician and proud socialist, Joe Solo, discusses socialism and
Origins: Nadia Jama
Nadia is a community activist and campaigner from Sheffield. She explains why socialism plays such an important role in her work for her community.
Origins: Ian Lavery
The former Chair of the Labour Party discusses working class socialism with a North East accent and his clashes with Boris Johnson.
Origins: Alan Mardghum, General Secretary of the Durham Miners' Association
We talk about Alan's history, why he is a socialist and what socialism means to him. We also discuss how socialism is relevant today and essential for equality moving into the future.