Political Unmuted 94 - Labour excludes the left
Paul talks about his experiences in the Sedgefield Labour Party selection race, and the team talks Trussonomics and Ukraine.
Political Unmuted 93 - Extreme Heat, More Strikes and the Forde Report
The Big Story is: How to survive at 40°C    Other Stories:  RMT announces further rail strike & Mo Farah trafficking survivor
Political Unmuted 92 - Boris Finally Resigns
We discuss Johnson's resignation as Party leader, NHS birthday woes and Labour's proposed National Care Service
We discuss the potential for a Scottish Independence Referendum, 50 years of UK Pride and those resignations
Political Unmuted 90 - Rail Strikes
We discuss whether the rail strikes have been a success or failure, Roe vs Wade being overturned and the Tory by election defeats
Political Unmuted 89 - Is there any point in ethics?
As Johnson sacks his ethics adviser, we ask if there is any point in having his role for a clearly unethical political class.
Political Unmuted 88 - Rwanda Deportations "Appalling"
We discuss Prince Charles' comments, rail strikes and raising the age of smoking to 21
Political Unmuted 87 - The Vote of Confidence
We discuss the latest UK Parliamentary debacle as Tory MPs narrowly vote confidence in their disgraced leader Boris Johnson.  We also ask whether policing has become a problem and whether we should extend free school meals.
SNL 50: Manifesto the film
We talk to Dan Draper about his third in a trilogy of films Manifesto.  Following on from The Nature of the Beast and The Big Meeting.  Along with Alan Gibbons and Michael Hardy, activists from the film.
Political Unmuted 86 - Do GCSE reforms signal an unashamed two tier society?
We discuss plans for student loans to be denied to anybody who has to re-sit English or Mathematics, the fallout of Partygate and the re-writing of the ministerial code and the human cost of the Uyghur detention camps in China