Political: Unmuted 3
John D Clare is joined by his usual guests and Maggie Bosanquet , Low Carbon Economic Development Officer for Durham County Council.
Origins: Nadia Jama
Nadia is a community activist and campaigner from Sheffield. She explains why socialism plays such an important role in her work for her community.
Origins: Ian Lavery
The former Chair of the Labour Party discusses working class socialism with a North East accent and his clashes with Boris Johnson.
Political: Unmuted 2
John D Clare and guests discuss the Labour Together report and the planned return to schools in September.
Ideas: Socialist Economics with Harry Cross
Harry discusses how socialist economics would lead to greater prosperity and a fairer society.
Political Unmuted 1
John D Clare hosts guests Paul Daly, Samantha Townsend and Stuart Sutherland for the return of the popular radio show Inna brand new format.
Origins: Alan Mardghum, General Secretary of the Durham Miners' Association
We talk about Alan's history, why he is a socialist and what socialism means to him. We also discuss how socialism is relevant today and essential for equality moving into the future.