Socialist Night Live 49 - The F Word
Is the UK in danger of sleep walking into fascism and what can we do about it?
Political Unmuted 85 - The Cost of Capitalism Crisis
We discuss the actions needed to be taken now as prices soar and wages stagnate, the abuser working for MI5 and pollution now responsible for one in six deaths worldwide.
The Social ties: Visible Women
An amazing collaboration of groups supporting each other in gaining recognition for women that history has failed to remember
Political Unmuted 84 - DUP Paralyses Stormont
We discuss the crisis in governance in Northern Ireland, the murder of a journalist in the West Bank and the UK government's plans to cut 90,000 jobs.
The Social Ties : Operation Withdraw Consent
 We talk to Chantelle Lunt about a campaign to take our permission away from policing. 
Socialist Night Live 48 - Momentum
We are joined by Momentum activists who will discuss current events and how they plan to address issues through the new member led policy platform.
Political Unmuted 83 - Local Election Fallout
We discuss the outcomes of the local election and what it means, overturning Roe v Wade and women's rights, support for menopausal women and the Brownies learning coding.
Political Unmuted 82 - What does Macron's narrowing margin mean?
We talk about the French elections, Councils failing to use powers to stop shoddy housing schemes, working class women's life expectancy shock and the sunflower oil shortage.
Socialist Night Live 47 - French Election Special
What's a socialist to do when there's a choice between a far right candidate and and establishmentarian who tries to outflank his opponent to the right on immigration? We discuss French politics in the build up to the Presidential Election.
Political Unmuted 81 - Ministerial Misdeeds & Priti Awful Politics
We discuss if it is worth having a ministerial code, the plan to give refugees a one way ticket to Rwanda, Johnson'Read More