Political Unmuted 75 - Ukraine
Steve Topple guest presents as we discuss the frightening situation in Ukraine.
Socialist Night Live 41 - NHS SOS
 On the day after what would have been Harry Leslie Smith's 99th birthday we speak to NHS campaigners & Harry's son, John Smith, about the criRead More
Political Unmuted 74 - Is Covid Over?
THE BIG STORY Unions condemn lifting restrictions and sick pay changes  OTHER STORIES   Banker Bonus Bonanza bumper profit for Lloyd's and BarcRead More
Socialist Night Live 40 - Education Crisis
What is happening in UK Education? The right wing Govian agenda has caused lasing damage, yet still education is accused of being too lefRead More
Political Unmuted 73 - No more Dick
Chantelle Lunt guest presents on the return of Political Unmuted  THE BIG STORY Cressida Dick Resigns   OTHER stories  Cost of living crisis   Ukraine vs Russia  UCU University Strike
Socialist Night Live 39 - The cost of living crisis
Everything is going up in the UK.  Food  Energy  National Insurance  Bills  Everything except for wages. And, of courses, taxes on the rich.  James Meadway joins us to talk about the cost of living crisis
Socialist Night Live 38 - Julian Assange
Dr Deepa Govindarajan Driver (@deepa_driver) from @socialistlawyer  joins us on the show to discuss Julian Assange
Political Unmuted 73 - Emma Watson unfairly accused?
The Big Story  Emma Watson pro-Palestinian post sparks antisemitism row Other questions:  Boris Johnson accused of corruption afRead More
New Year's Revolutions
Jeremy Corbyn, Anna Rothery, Dan Lewis, Chantelle Lunt, Ian Hodson, Laura Daly and Paul Daly go live find out the highs and lows of 2021 and make some predictions about what 2022 will hold.
Political Unmuted 72 - Assange extradition an attack on the free press?
The Big Story:Julian Assange can be extradited to US to face espionage charges, court rulesThe Other Topics:Is the government doing enough to protect exploited minimum wage workers? That No.10 party – do we give a damn?