Political Unmuted 67 - Tory Corruption and Sleazy MPs
The Big Story is the Owen Paterson scandal   Other Topics  • Yorkshire Cricket Club racism scandal  • Bonfire Night: Should we ban noisy fireworks for our pets’ sake  • Charge … retreat!  Boris Johnson’s top U-turns in No 10
Socialist Night Live 36 - COP26
Aoife Mercedes Rodriguez-Uruchurtu, Carlos Tornel and  Liam Tuckwood join host Paul Daly to discuss why COP26 was a con and why capitalism will never solve the climate crisis.
Political Unmuted 66 - The Budget
The Big Story is the UK  Budget?   Other Stories  Was Angela Rayner right to back down on her ‘Tory Scum’ comment?  Spiking – a storm in a wine glass?   Israel bans six Palestinian NGOs – what can we do about Palestine?
Political Unmuted 65 - Wading through shit to COP26
The Big Story is the government's Net Zero by 2050 strategy  Other Topics:  With Covid running out of control, why are the Tories doing nothing?   Brace yourself for poverty: UK inflation rising as economy stutters
Socialist Night Live 34 - Refugees without refuge
We are joined by John Smith and Cal Shaw to talk about how we treat refugees. Can we call ourselves humane when people fleeing for their lives are treated so badly?
Political Unmuted 64 - Another MP Murdered
The Big Story - Tory MP Sir David Amess’s death after being stabbed at constituency surgery.   Other Topics will be:  Covid response ‘oneRead More
Political Unmuted 63 - The Tories don't have a clue
The Big Story is the Tory Conference: •         Tory conference  •         Carrie Johnson urges Tories to back transgender rightRead More
Socialist Night Live 32 - The Pandora Papers
The deep corruption of the system has, once again, been brutally exposed. So why aren't we absolutely furious?  Presenter Paul Daly is Read More
Political Unmuted 62 - Gaslighty AF
Labour Conference: Starmer accuses Tories of being ‘lost in the woods’ as he rejects Corbyn era  Is it time for Labour members to join the GreenRead More
Socialist Night Live 31 - The People's Assembly
Paul and Laura are joined by the People's Assembly's Helen O'Connor and regular guest star Chantelle Lunt to discuss the protests agRead More