Political Unmuted 73 - Emma Watson unfairly accused?
The Big Story  Emma Watson pro-Palestinian post sparks antisemitism row Other questions:  Boris Johnson accused of corruption afRead More
Political Unmuted 72 - Assange extradition an attack on the free press?
The Big Story:Julian Assange can be extradited to US to face espionage charges, court rulesThe Other Topics:Is the government doing enough to protect exploited minimum wage workers? That No.10 party – do we give a damn?
Political Unmuted 71 - Christmas with Covid, another Tory lockdown?
The Big Story:   Covid Crisis and the NHS    The Other Topics: 1.       Labour’s main union backer says it will cut political funding 2.       Starmer’s reshuffle  3.       Family costs predicted to rise
Political Unmuted 70 - Playing politics is killing people
The Big Story:· UK ministers urged to ‘stop playing politics’ over Channel crossings. (2, 3, 4, 5)The Other Topics:1. SpeaRead More
Political Unmuted 69 - NHS at Breaking Point?
The Big Story: •       NHS is at breaking point and putting patients at high risk, bosses warn.    The Other Topics: 1.       ‘A betrayal of the north’: HS2 and levelling up 2.       The England social care cap: how will it work and is it fair?
Political Unmuted 68 - Copout 26
Cop 26 has been a game of blame and broken promises. We discuss why capitalism can only deepen the climate crisis.  Other stories  Have we lost sight of the true meaning of Remembrance Day?  The Poland-Belarus border migrant crisis.
Political Unmuted 67 - Tory Corruption and Sleazy MPs
The Big Story is the Owen Paterson scandal   Other Topics  • Yorkshire Cricket Club racism scandal  • Bonfire Night: Should we ban noisy fireworks for our pets’ sake  • Charge … retreat!  Boris Johnson’s top U-turns in No 10
Socialist Night Live 36 - COP26
Aoife Mercedes Rodriguez-Uruchurtu, Carlos Tornel and  Liam Tuckwood join host Paul Daly to discuss why COP26 was a con and why capitalism will never solve the climate crisis.
Political Unmuted 66 - The Budget
The Big Story is the UK  Budget?   Other Stories  Was Angela Rayner right to back down on her ‘Tory Scum’ comment?  Spiking – a storm in a wine glass?   Israel bans six Palestinian NGOs – what can we do about Palestine?
Political Unmuted 65 - Wading through shit to COP26
The Big Story is the government's Net Zero by 2050 strategy  Other Topics:  With Covid running out of control, why are the Tories doing nothing?   Brace yourself for poverty: UK inflation rising as economy stutters