The "dream team" are back after a month. August is usually pretty quiet, so what have we missed? WiRead More
Political Unmuted 56 - Lies, lies and crisis'
Just how great is the crisis in government; including Dawn Butler, Tory lies & sleaze   Just how great is the crisis in the Labour PRead More
Political Unmuted 55 - Social Care? Crisis, what crisis?
Tory council leader denies there is an adult social care crisis. Outrage aimed at No 10 as MPs back £4bn cut to foreign aid buRead More
We discuss why poor people are living shorter lives in England, women's safety in wake of a MET OfficRead More
Political Unmuted 53 - Who are Labour supposed to represent?
Labour says calling for free social care would ‘just give Tories a stick to beat us with’. Why aren’t we responding withRead More
Political Unmuted 52 - Should care workers be forced to have a Covid Jab?
The government plans to force low paid carers to take the covid vaccination. The MET is "institutionally corrupt". Matt Hancock is "Totally F***ing Hopeless".
Political Unmuted 51 - Did the G7 achieve anything?
We discuss the G7 Summit, booing footballers who take the knee, whether the UK is sleepwalking into authoritarian rule and the fact that the North East could LOSE two MPs in proposed shake up of UK parliament.
Political Unmuted 50 - Social care crisis
We talk social care, Buckingham Palace racism, Napier barracks and the end of Netanyahu.
We discuss Matt Hancock's position after Cummings' evidence, Belarus, Low quality house building and Tory Islamophobia
Political Unmuted 48 - Child poverty rockets
5527 children in Sedgefield alone are trapped in poverty, Education funding in County Durham is levelling down, a Shildon Tory refuses Read More