Political Unmuted 34 - The return of Thatcherism?
The team discuss northern tories openly praising Thatcherism, the crisis in Myanmar, whether lockdown is an excuse for murder and how, once again, trickle down economics has been debunked.
Political Unmuted 33- is it fair for trans people to compete in sport+
The team are joined by Socialist Think Tank's Rochelle Charlton-Laine to talk about trans athletes, flag worship, working from home or living to work, and Handforth Parish Council.
Political Unmuted 32
This week's topic include the miners' pension fund, the right to food, GameStop hedge fund foiled by reddit and political pledges.
Political Unmuted 31 - Is this all Socialism's fault
Our guest questions have asked us to consider whether socialism has ever not led to disaster, what Biden means for the UK, why vaccines have been moved away from the North East and whether David Evans' veto on candidates is democratic.
Political Unmuted 11
Stuart returns from holiday to rejoin the usual team as they discuss the impending homelessness crisis, depression during lockdown and the hysteria around desperate humans in dinghies.
Political Unmuted 10
While Stuart takes a well deserved holiday, Paul, Laura Samantha and host John, are joined by Charlotte Austin as they discuss the exam results fiasco.
Political Unmuted 9
John is joined by the usual guests, Samantha, Stuart, Paul and Laura.
Political Unmuted 8
The regulars are joined by Laura Daly as they discuss care homes, nurses' pay and political censorship.
Political Unmuted 7 The Aftershow
Sarah North joins us to discuss in depth the issues specifically facing women during covid 19 and in wider life. The guests are amazed that we have our first troll and Samantha deals with it in the best possible way.
Political Unmuted 1
John D Clare hosts guests Paul Daly, Samantha Townsend and Stuart Sutherland for the return of the popular radio show Inna brand new format.