Socialist Night Live 52 - The MMT Podcast
We are joined by Patricia Pino and Christian Reilly from the MMT podcast to find out just what MMT is and what the left can learn from understanding economics using this framework.
Socialist Night Live 51 - Truss resigns
Truss is gone. How did it happen? What does it mean for us? Will anything change? Will Boris make a comeback? Do looks matter in politics and is Keir Starmer suffering from dark side degradation?
SNL 50: Manifesto the film
We talk to Dan Draper about his third in a trilogy of films Manifesto.  Following on from The Nature of the Beast and The Big Meeting.  Along with Alan Gibbons and Michael Hardy, activists from the film.
Socialist Night Live 49 - The F Word
Is the UK in danger of sleep walking into fascism and what can we do about it?
Socialist Night Live 48 - Momentum
We are joined by Momentum activists who will discuss current events and how they plan to address issues through the new member led policy platform.
Socialist Night Live 47 - French Election Special
What's a socialist to do when there's a choice between a far right candidate and and establishmentarian who tries to outflank his opponent to the right on immigration? We discuss French politics in the build up to the Presidential Election.
Socialist Night Live 46 - The worst politicians at the worst time?
With "Partygate", cost of capitalism crisis, sending refugees to Rwanda and no real response from our politicians,Read More
Socialist Night Live 45 - Ask a Socialist
What happens when we ask our audience to guide our show? This!
Socialist Night Live 44 - Jon Trickett's alternative Spring Statement
Jon Trickett joins us to discuss the alternatives to a spring statement for the wealthiest for the wealthiest.
Socialist Night Live 43 - Refugee Crisis
Now that the western world are paying attention, Socialist Think Tank discusses the refugee crisis and how humane policies would benefit us all. With guests Mike Tapp, Julie Ward and Moses Chikwekwete Mbano.