Socialist Night Live 40 - Education Crisis
What is happening in UK Education? The right wing Govian agenda has caused lasing damage, yet still education is accused of being too lefRead More
Socialist Night Live 39 - The cost of living crisis
Everything is going up in the UK.  Food  Energy  National Insurance  Bills  Everything except for wages. And, of courses, taxes on the rich.  James Meadway joins us to talk about the cost of living crisis
Socialist Night Live 38 - Julian Assange
Dr Deepa Govindarajan Driver (@deepa_driver) from @socialistlawyer  joins us on the show to discuss Julian Assange
New Year's Revolutions
Jeremy Corbyn, Anna Rothery, Dan Lewis, Chantelle Lunt, Ian Hodson, Laura Daly and Paul Daly go live find out the highs and lows of 2021 and make some predictions about what 2022 will hold.
Socialist Night Live 37 - RMT!
We are joined by Cat Cray, activist in the RMT Union and the Assistant General Secretary of the RMT, Steve Hedley to talk about their actions, their solidarity and what makes a strike work!
Socialist Night Live 36 - COP26
Aoife Mercedes Rodriguez-Uruchurtu, Carlos Tornel and  Liam Tuckwood join host Paul Daly to discuss why COP26 was a con and why capitalism will never solve the climate crisis.
Socialist Night Live 34 - Refugees without refuge
We are joined by John Smith and Cal Shaw to talk about how we treat refugees. Can we call ourselves humane when people fleeing for their lives are treated so badly?
Socialist Night Live 32 - The Pandora Papers
The deep corruption of the system has, once again, been brutally exposed. So why aren't we absolutely furious?  Presenter Paul Daly is Read More
Socialist Night Live 31 - The People's Assembly
Paul and Laura are joined by the People's Assembly's Helen O'Connor and regular guest star Chantelle Lunt to discuss the protests agRead More
Socialist Night Live @The World Transformed
 We took our Saturday night show to Brighton and talked to Jeremy Corbyn and Sasha Josette about municipalism, socialism, organising and the Labour Party.