Socialist Night Live 22 - Do socialists belong in the UK Labour Party?
 Jayne Strange and Pam Fitzpatrick join Paul and Laura to discuss the UK Labour Party, Labour Womens' Committee, Keir Starmer's latest relaunch and the Health and Care bill that seeks to further privatise the NHS. 
For the second year running, the biggest socialist gathering in Europe will not be going ahead. So Read More
 For the second year running, the biggest socialist gathering in Europe will not be going ahRead More
Socialist Night Live 20 - PIP Payments are unnecessary and cruel with DPAC
Paula Peters from Disabled People Against the Cuts joins us along with Stuart Sutherland to discuss the cruelty of the Personal Independence Payments assessments and more.
Socialist Night Live 19 - Hancock quits while demos descend on London
Dan Lewis from On the Bywire Joins Paul, Laura and Socialist Think Tank member, Marc Lungley to discuss HancocRead More
Socialist Night Live 18 - NHS deserve a pay rise
Paul, Laura and Jayne talk about pay rises for NHS workers, Unite General Secretary election, Jedward, Trade Unionism, Starmer drama (or lack of it), Labour losing their deposit and more.
Socialist Night Live 17 - Express your Socialism!!!!
Laura and Paul are joined by In Evil Hour's Alice as well as recurring guest Tina McKay to discuss how to express our socialism thrRead More
Socialist Night Live 16 - Kill The Bill
We are joined by Maxine Mallon and Abel Harvie-Clark, organisers of the Kill the Bill protest in Newcastle. The bill seeks to give more powers to police to stop protests among other worrying attacks on the public.
Socialist Night Live 15 - Glasgow shows us how solidarity is done
Mohammad N Asif joins us following the Kenmure Street protests to tell us how solidarity is done and speaks movingly about his own experiences in Afghanistan.
We discuss why Keir Starmer decided to blame a working class woman with an accent for his dismal performance along with the other election results, as always with the viewer as a main contributor.