Socialist Night Live 15 - Glasgow shows us how solidarity is done
Mohammad N Asif joins us following the Kenmure Street protests to tell us how solidarity is done and speaks movingly about his own experiences in Afghanistan.
We discuss why Keir Starmer decided to blame a working class woman with an accent for his dismal performance along with the other election results, as always with the viewer as a main contributor.
Socialist Night Live 13 - Pint and Politics crossover part 1
We are joined by Ben Sellers from Socialist Telly's Pint and Politics show as well as Allison Carpenter to discuss all all sorts of topics generated from our our panel and our audience. 
Socialist Night Live 12 - No Sweat
We learn how to fight back against sweat shops, the importance and power of trade unions. We also somehow reference Jedward and South Park. 
Socialist Night Live 11 - GRT Socialists
We are joined by Luke from GRT Socialists to challenge the racism faced by his community.
Socialist Night Live 10 - Northern Independence
Laura, James and Paul are joined by Lauren Conway to discuss the Northern Independence Party, and Lauren makes a surprising reveal!
Socialist Night Live 9 - Protest
Protest, police brutality, Black Lives Matter (BLM) , Sarah Everard, Bristol riots, Police and Crime bill, hate crimes, all discussed with Yunus Bakhsh, Mel Wilson, James Summerill and Paul Daly.
Socialist Night Live 8 - Combating the media bias
Thomas Barlow (Independent Media Association) and Charlotte Austin (Red Pepper) join us to discuss the media and the left. We also discuss the Labour Party and #Milfgate
Socialist Night Live 7 - Strike and police brutality
The team talk about strike with Nurse Angela Hankin, while news of police brutality on Clapham Common comes through.
Socialist Night Live 6: With Ian Lavery MP
The team are joined by Ian to talk about the hypocrisy of clapping Nurses and not paying them