Thank You Day Special - Workers need a pay rise
Host, Paul Daly (NASUWT and Socialist Think Tank and panellists supply teacher Rachel Lozinski (NASUWT) and nurse Angela Hankin (UNIRead More
No to Hassockfield Detention Centre
We speak with campaigners Owain Gardener, former MEP Julie Ward and Dr Helen Groom about the planned detention centre for women refugees who have committed no crime.
Palestine Solidarity
We hear from people who have lived in Palestine, rather than simply those who care. We are joined by Halla Alsafadi, Neder Alhussein, both of whom have personal experience, as well as the founder of Labour Friends of Palestine, Mark McDonald.
Northern Ireland Spotlight
In the wake of Arlene Foster’s resignation, we speak to Tina McKay, Sean Byers and Dr Stephen Baker about what is really going on in Northern Ireland. 
RMT LTRC International Workers' Memorial Day
A conversation about Women's Health and Safety with Marie Harrington, Janine Booth, Mel Mullins, Cat Cray, Linda Martin and Shelly Asquith
St. George's Day Special
There are plenty of English Socialists to be proud of. Let's stop the fash from monopolising pride in the English. Alan Mardghum, Rachel McGrath and Raj Pal tell us about socialist we can be proud of. 
Working Class Durham University Students!
We are joined by some amazing working class students who are standing up to elitism and snobbery. 
Manx Labour Party Special!
We are joined by the Manx Labour Leader, Joney Faragher along with Devon Watson and Ciara Sowerby. Does the Isle of Man act as a microcosm of capitalism? 
Autism Awareness
Sib Ali talks about his film, "My Life on Camera", Heidi Smith discusses "The Sensory Place" and Austin Harney tells us of his own autism and his success in the Labour and Trade Union movement. 
St. Patrick's Day Special
Irish Socialism with Tina McKay, Médb MacDeidheid and Paul O'Connell