The Social ties: Visible Women
An amazing collaboration of groups supporting each other in gaining recognition for women that history has failed to remember
The Social Ties : Operation Withdraw Consent
 We talk to Chantelle Lunt about a campaign to take our permission away from policing. 
The Social Ties: The Rickard Sisters
The Rickard Sisters tell us all about their Graphic Novel of social classic, Robert Tressel's "The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists" 
The Social Ties: The Gemini Project
2 women who overcame impossible struggles and used their experiences to support and protect women going through the Same. Lucy from the Gemini Project talked to us about creating something positive from trauma. 
The Social Ties Matchgirls
We speak to the Matchgirls memorial founder Sam Johnson
The Social Ties with 50:50 Parliament t
We speak to Frances and Rachel about the importance of female representation in Westminster.
The Social Ties: Woman's Banner Group and Lasscast
The Social Ties goes live with Lasscast and the Woman's Banner Group for the week of International Women's Day 
The Social Ties with Ken McCall
We talk about the Unity Shop
The Social Ties with Kate Flannery on OTJC
We talk to Kate about Orgreave Truth & justice Campaign 
The Social Ties with Neve Ovenden
We speak to Neve about Acorn.